The manduca back extension:

for a baby carrier that grows with your child!


Adaptability makes all the difference. And the patented back extension makes your manduca an especially flexible baby carrier that adapts in size and grows with your child. This doesn’t just sound highly practical, it truly is! The back extension will come in handy from day one – it’s an ingenious feature for children of any age:

• When your baby is still small, the back extension functions as a head and neck rest until they’ve achieved full head control. Especially when still in the infant seat, it offers your baby all the necessary support for the whole head and neck area.


• For all of babyhood, the back extension supports the head and neck when your baby falls asleep while in front carry. You won’t even need to remove your baby from the carrier: all it takes is simply unzipping the back extension. To then adapt the fit of the manduca, just tighten the shoulder straps as you usually would. This is fast and so quiet your baby won’t even notice, let alone wake up.


• For bigger children, the back extension provides support in the shoulder area, which gives the manduca the all-important “grow along” factor. An unzipped back extension allows you to safely and easily carry your older child when they get tired or don’t feel like walking.

• With a restless or fidgety baby, the back extension offers you this extra bit of safety. You can be sure that they’re snug and secure in their carrier.


The back extension makes it so simple to adapt the manduca’s size.

In front carry, you can even open the zipper while wearing your child. And with a little bit of practice, you’ll quickly manage to close it without taking your child out of the carrier, too.

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