manduca for newborns

a good start with the integrated infant seat


With your manduca, the infant seat for newborns and small babies is already integrated – allowing you to carry your baby in your manduca from birth (3,500 g body weight). Here, your little one will have all the comfort, closeness and security that is so very important.

No special equipment needed – the manduca simply grows with your child

The fact that the infant seat is already integrated is doubly convenient: neither do you run the risk of losing any parts nor will you have to buy any expensive extras. And if you no longer need the infant seat, you’ll simply fold it and stow it away in the loops that are already sewn in. The manduca baby carrier will be your companion from birth to kindergarten and beyond. Isn’t it great to know the manduca grows as your baby does!

It’s quick and simple…

… to position your baby when in the manduca’s infant seat – in a perfectly comfortable and orthopaedically correct M-Position. Our illustrated instruction manual shows you how.

Give it a try once you have a quiet minute – you’ll see how quickly you’ll learn if you follow the suggestions!


There is, however, one tiny extra accessory we’d like to introduce to you. It’s simply perfect if you’re looking for yet another way to carry your little one in the manduca: Size-It. It’s by no means a must, but certainly practical and convenient.

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