Anhock Spreiz Haltung bei manduca

M-position: carry your baby the natural way in the manduca


The spread-squat position is the position babies automatically assume when you pick them up: they automatically bend their legs up - like a small monkey - and prepare themselves instinctively to be carried.


Here at Wickelkinder, we call this position the M-position because the bottom and the tucked up legs form a big M. M for manduca in fact.

Anhock Spreiz Haltung- Siegel manduca

M-position: orthopedically correct for healthy hip development


You are always on the safe side with the M-position as this is the spread-squat position recommended by paediatricians and orthopaedists. In this position, the hip tilts forwards and the back is perfectly rounded. That is not just healthy but also very comfortable. Just try it out and you will see that you almost automatically adopt a similar position yourself when you are sitting comfortably on the sofa.


manduca: ergonomic in every carrying position


Carrying a child in the M-position is very easy in the manduca as the manduca supports this natural position - whether it is a front, hip or back carry. You can carry your baby in the manduca right from birth because thanks to the integrated infant seat or Size-It your baby can comfortably tuck his legs up in front of his body.

M-position - simply comfortable, the correct carrying method


Always make sure your baby can assume a relaxed M-position.

This is the most comfortable and healthy position for your baby:


• Your baby's bottom must be placed down low in the carrier and the knees should be in line with the navel. The back will then be nicely rounded!


• The base should reach from one knee hollow to the other knee hollow and the legs should not be forced into a split or forced too far apart.


• Your baby should always lie close to your body and be completely supported.

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