manduca® – a sustainable decision

Sustainability has the highest priority at manduca – and has ever since the very first collection. Wherever possible, we prefer to use pure, natural fibres such as hemp or organic cotton for our fabrics, which are produced and dyed according to our own special requirements.


Strictly tested and monitored

Sustainability at manduca goes beyond organic cotton. After all, we always have the entire product and all the details in mind. This means the buckles and zippers on the manduca baby carrier come from brand-name manufacturers who produce according to the bluesign® criteria as bluesign® system partners. The fabrics as well as all other materials used are subject to strict criteria and are frequently tested for harmful substances. manduca is safe for sweat and saliva, meaning contact with the skin and mouth is worry-free.


For a good feeling: our seal of quality.

All materials are tested for harmful substances. The cotton used on all manduca models and collections comes from certified organic farming. Our two seals tell you if the model is a PureCotton product or if hemp fibres have been used as well.

Our manduca sling, which was launched in 2014, features the GOTS quality seal (GOTS = Global Organic Textile Standard). What does that mean? That we naturally remain true to our high ecological standards – which goes for all the other products in our line-up too.

In 2016, our sling Chili was tested by ÖKO-TEST (Eco Test) and received the quality ranking “Excellent”. In addition to the materials and substances, which undergo stringent testing in laboratories for harmful chemicals, this test also focuses on the products’ suitability for use. The ease of use, the instructions and the products’ features are all thoroughly tested by real subjects and, as a result, the manduca sling Chili was honoured with “Excellent” in all categories.