manduca® ZipIn Ellipse

With zip for your baby

For babies up to around four months of age: the manduca ZipIn Ellipse is simply zipped onto the manduca First back extension to ensure the shape of the baby carrier is even better adapted to the natural curve of your small baby’s back. Available in black, LimitedEdition or with bellybutton design.

Fits all manduca First baby carriers – cannot be used with the manduca Duo & not necessary for XT.

from €14.90* RRP incl. VAT


  • Accessory for the back extension
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Adapts the shape of manduca even better to the back of small babies
  • For babies up to approximately four months of age
  • Available in black as well as in continually new limited editions to match the baby carriers

* Bellybutton-collection: €15.90



  • 100% certified organic cotton

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