Now a carrier for everything: manduca XT® –

The All-in-One baby carrier

Imagine a unique baby carrier for newborns to small children. It’s a reality – with the new manduca XT, offering lots of outstanding features. You can see and feel the difference at first go. Seamlessly adjustable seat width, three height options thanks to the patented back extension, and many more. Just slip it on and feel good.

Super stylish, with great colours

The best thing: the manduca XT looks amazing. Many stylish models with trendy colour combinations make the manduca XT an eye-catcher and highlight. The material is excellent too: 100% organic cotton on the inside and out.

The manduca XT in action

CAMERA: ROLLING! During the photo sessions in Hamburg the manduca XT presented herself in the best shape. The result: Now we have many beautiful photos on stock. But the most important thing is: Everyone on the set had fun. As a proof we prepared a short movie for you.  

Uniquely well-conceived

Regardless of how big your little one is: the seat of the manduca XT can be seamlessly adjusted from 16 to 50 cm. The cushioned leg area is also important, making the baby carrier gentle and soft on little legs.

Optimal adaptability for newborns from 3.5 kg. Just adjust as needed.

When your baby gets bigger: the back grows with your precious one. All the way up to kindergarten age.

Made for optimal fine adjusting to ensure your baby is always close to your body and has enough space at the same time.

The buckles are easy to grab hold of. And then shifted seamlessly across the entire length of the shoulder strap, with optimal distribution of the tugging force. This is carrying made extremely comfortable.

Super handy: the hood can be stored away completely when it’s not needed. When opened, it is cushiony soft.

With the flick of a wrist, the hood becomes a neck support for relief from the head’s weight.

Easy to open with a single hand, but never incidentally. Because the safety of your baby is extremely important to us.

Good reasons for easy manduca® baby carriers

manduca XT – it adapts

Whether for a newborn or small child – with the manduca XT, you always have the perfect carrier ready to go.

  • Seamlessly adjustable seat width from 16 to 50 cm
  • Simple to adjust, without any bothersome snaps, Velcro or strap system
  • No unwanted folds
  • Very easy to adjust, even when your precious one is sitting inside
  • The cushioned leg area protects your baby’s sensitive skin

And the big highlight: the back is supported in any position thanks to optimal tautness. The secret lies in a special cutting technique and two integrated tug arches (awaiting patent).


Your child grows – and your manduca XT easily keeps up.

From your child’s body weight of 3.5 kg to 20 kg:
with the patented back extension on the manduca XT, everything is always super comfortable.

  • Three different height options
  • The required ZipIn XT is part of the package
  • The back is made of single-layer fabric and can therefore optimally adjust to the back of your baby
  • Can be used on your chest, hip or back


Orthopaedically correct, simply perfect:
the M-Position®

The spread-squat position is the natural position that a newborn automatically takes when he/she is lifted up.

Your baby automatically bends his/her legs – like a monkey – to instinctively get ready to be carried. We at manduca call this the M-Position, because your baby’s bottom, together with the bent legs, forms a large “M”. M for manduca.

manduca ensures your child is continuously in the M-Position, which is recommended by orthopaedists and midwives alike. The M-Position is the natural sitting and carrying position of a child, as it takes the pressure caused by the child’s weight off the still sensitive hip and spine.


manduca® XT instructions for downloading

It's already easy, but with our manduca baby carrier instructions it will be even more easier.

Another great idea:
manduca® Duo

The unique combination of baby carrier and baby sling – innovative and extremely clever.

manduca® accessories for XT baby carriers – wonderfully practical

Our manduca XT has everything you need. Doesn’t it? We have two more things for you: our beautiful manduca Pouch and our super-cuddly manduca FumBee strap protector.