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Our products are excellent

In its 12/2022 issue, the magazine ÖKO-Test came to the conclusion that our manduca XT denimberry-toffee is simply "GOOD". In the category of full-buckle baby carriers that can be opened and closed with buckles on both the shoulder straps and the hip belt, no one can fool it! They were not only tested for harmful substances - ÖKO-Test gave us a VERY GOOD for the ingredients - but also for practicality and the ergonomic carrying position of the child. Here too, the manduca® XT achieved the best score in the comparison. We are very proud of this result, because the magazine's evaluation criteria are much stricter than the legal requirements. The result reflects what we strive for every day!

manduca - highest quality & safety for you & your baby

Love is: giving your baby closeness, protection and security. That's why we develop our baby carriers and slings with the highest quality: from pleasant, pollutant-free materials from controlled organic cultivation to the handling, tying and wearing properties to the safety of each individual buckle.

Every manduca model is independently tested from the first step of production - and of course by parents and babies! Our good results in baby carrier tests and sling recommendations as well as numerous awards give you security and us the incentive to continue to get better and better.

ELTERN - Beste Marke für Familien

Family magazine honors us as Best Brand for Families 2022. Valid until:01/2023

Kids und Co - Recommended 2022

The family magazine distinguishes us as a partner who convinces families and children with its offer.

kidsgo - Recommended Q3 2020

The Twist baby carrier was recommended by kidsgo in 2020.

Kids und Co - Recommended 2020

The family magazine distinguishes us as a partner who convinces families and children with its offer.

KIDS und Co - Empfohlen 2019

The family magazine distinguishes us as a partner who convinces families and children with its offer.

kidsgo - Recommended Q3 2019

manduca XT in the kidsgo test: In the kidsgo magazine product test, our baby carrier received the overall grade "very good" (1.3) and the test seal "kidsgo RECOMMENDED".

NEW MOM Consumer Award 2017

Austrian parents love manduca, the growing comfort carrier for babies!

German Design Award 2016

The German Design Award has awarded our manduca First PureCotton with an honorable mention.

Lieblingsstück 2016 and vote the manduca LimitedEdition Vivid into second place in the "Being on the go" category.

Essential Baby Awards 2015

Australian parents award manduca BabyCarrier as "Highly recommended".

New MOM Consumer Award 2015

Austrian parents vote: The manduca becomes "Moving Baby's" favorite product.

Mother&Baby Awards 2014

Editors and parents repeatedly vote the manduca "Favourite Baby Carrier".

ConsoBaby Awards 2014

French award of the manduca baby carrier.

Mommy Award 2011

NetMoms lets parents vote, and the manduca is named "Best Baby Carrier."

As natural as it is safe. Here is your biggest treasure safe

Your baby is in safe hands in manduca baby carriers and slings: this is ensured by multi-secured fastening systems with two- and three-point buckles, attachment and carrying systems that you can handle in no time at all and where you can't do anything wrong, as well as the ergonomically optimal seating positions for perfect comfort and secure hold. Bar optimizations, back extensions, seat reducers or seat extensions tailor your manduca to the size of your treasure, from the first day of life until about the 3rd birthday. All fabrics, buttons and buckles are strictly tested for harmful substances, so your baby can suck and chew on the carrier without worry. Baby carrier tests rate manduca good to very good in all categories, whether for full buckle carriers, slings or hybrid carriers.

But safety also means comfort for parents. All carriers and slings fit the biggest and smallest moms and dads, older siblings and everyone who is there for your baby. All our quality criteria and independent test ratings, sling recommendations and baby carrier test winner awards give you the peace of mind your baby needs. This is not the case with manduca copies. Therefore, when buying, be sure to look for a reliable source of supply! You are safe with authorized retailers and If you are unsure about an online retailer: ask us if we know them.