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a strong brand

When we founded our company Wickelkinder in 2002, it was important to us that we inspire parents to wear their children and to offer sensible, beautiful products for this. We are mums and dads, too, and know from experience just how important protection and comfort are – just as important as being able to keep your mind and hands free to master the challenges you face as a parent every day.

In all these years, we have continually further developed manduca baby carriers and baby slings in their ergonomics, comfort and style. Today, manduca is the leader in the baby carrier and baby sling market. An international brand with big plans and high ambitions.

Now together as one family: Wickelkinder is manduca®

It’s therefore only logical that we have now bundled all of our Wickelkinder power into the manduca brand, which has grown so splendidly – and will continue to grow under this name. Naturally, our proven Wickelkinder service remains just as high as ever. Our high standard of supporting families is something we are also staying true to with our bundled market leadership. Sustainability, organic materials and fair production continue to take priority. With the fusion of Wickelkinder and manduca under a single strong name, we are now raising this child together with the aim of ensuring a great future.

manduca® loves...

At manduca, you can find everything centred round wearing your baby. But there are also some things which we think are particularly practical and pleasant – and these also make it into the manduca family. Like handy jackets for when carrying your baby, soft baby booties, happy baby feet warmers or gym sessions with carrying help. So you can enjoy your life as a parent even more.

Sustainability takes top priority at manduca® – and has been continually important to us since our very first collection.

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