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Babies belong, babies want to be there, babies should be welcome everywhere.

With the initiative Babies Welcome – Breastfeeding-friendly city – we want from manduca, together with Marburg cafés and bars, mothers and parents into life with their baby a little lighter and a little nicer make.

We know the needs of parents and babies only too well. As a Marburger As a company, we have launched the “Babys Welcome” initiative in our city called to give mothers and fathers a little retreat where they can relax can take care of everything your baby needs.

We are very happy that this action was received with open ears and by the gastronomy hearts. Let's set an example together for babies, for mothers, for Parents in our society.

Whether breastfeeding, feeding or diaper changing: the participating Marburg cafés and restaurants offer a feel-good atmosphere and are now signaling this with our campaign logo. This wonderful offer is of course valid without consumption!

And because it's important to spread the word, we'd be happy if you recommend us cafes or restaurants in your area that would also like to open their doors to babies and breastfeeding mothers. So let's all contribute to this idea as well to spread beyond the Marburg city limits.
In Marburg you will find your little island of tranquility here:

Rotkehlchen in der Waggonhalle
Rudolf-Bultmann-Str. 2a
35039 Marburg
Großartig | Café·Bistro·Bar
Neustadt 5
35037 Marburg
Café Aroma
Schwanallee 29 a
35037 Marburg
Bäckerei Leinweber
Steingasse 10
35232 Dautphetal-Holzhausen/Hünstein
Konditorei Café Klingelhöfer GmbH
Haspelstraße 21 & Wettergasse 28
35037 Marburg
Café am Markt Marburg
Markt 9
35037 Marburg

If you, as a restaurateur, are also interested in being part of this initiative, please send us an e-mail to: