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Staffel 3:
Ina & Saba

Ina is the mother of six-year-old Saba. She tells of her love for Saba's father, how the couple became a family and then everything turned out differently. About happiness, hopes and breaks. Ina gives a reflective and sensitive account of everyday life as a single parent, of the ideals and "substitute families" that people look for. But also about Saba's relationship with her father and his history. In short: "Ina and Saba" is one of 1.5 million very personal stories of single parents in Germany.

Ina and Saba take us by the hand and let us share life with them for a few days.

Season 2:

Tanja and René have a daughter and don't really want another child. Nevertheless, Tanja gets pregnant and especially eight-year-old Leonie is looking forward to having a sibling. When the doctors suspect that the baby has Down syndrome, they recommend further examinations and an abortion. As a family, however, they decide against the abortion and a son named Atréju is born.

In this film, Tanja and René talk about Atréjus' journey into life, how he changed their lives and why he is a big blessing.

Season 1:
Dad & Daddy

this is the story of Danny and Dennis. They got married in 2016 and soon they desire the growth of their family. They talk about their wishes, experiences, doubts and exuberant moments of happiness.

For Dennis and Danny, the film is not just their story, but also part of their commitment to same-sex marriage and their wish to adopt a child. manduca Families: Dad & Daddy