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In love with life: the manduca Rainbow Collection.

Families are as colorful as life - and a baby really adds color! With the new manduca Rainbow Collection, we want to celebrate the new life in a very special way: with softly colored rainbows, around which cheerfully colored raindrops dance. With your Rainbow manduca you carry your baby surrounded by love of life, hope and confidence - in brightly shining Day or dark sky-blue Night design. The Rainbow Collection is available for all manduca baby carriers and baby wipes, as well as a DollCarrier for big siblings 18 months and older to carry their favorite doll.


manduca® XT RainbowDay / Night


manduca® XT RainbowDay

Sunshine, Lollypop and Rainbows and in the midst of colorful rainbows on cotton soft organic cotton fabric your greatest treasure. From "Here I am!" first day of life to "But I'm not cute!!!"-3 years plus. The manduca XT is the all-rounder among the manducas with tummy, hip and back carrying positions and continuously adjustable bar. So your manduca XT Rainbow Day grows with your baby from day one.

manduca® XT RainbowNight

Rainbow in the Dark: On midnight blue organic cotton fabric, the colorful rainbows and cheerful raindrops shine even brighter - even during the day, of course. With its practical all-in-one functions, the manduca XT is the all-rounder among the manduca baby carriers. With it, you can carry your baby on your stomach, on your back or on your hip through life. The continuously adjustable bar allows your baby carrier to grow with your baby and fits up to about 3 years of age.

manduca® First Day & Night

manduca® first RainbowDay

Somewhere over the Rainbow Bluebirds fly - and you dance with your baby through the day! In a radiantly bright manduca First, with which you carry your baby in front of the belly, on the hip or on the back. And even when your newborn has become a big "I can do that on my own!" child - who still wants to be carried through life now and then.

manduca® first RainbowNight

She's a Rainbow, He's a Rainbow, They are Rainbows! Protected, secure and worn 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in a manduca Rainbow Night in elegant dark blue. On your belly, on your hip or on your back. From the first day of life until the third birthday and maybe even beyond. Because a rainbow is something you like to carry through life.

manduca® Twist RainbowNight

manduca® Twist RainbowNight

There's a Rainbow round my shoulder and we think that's beautiful! Especially in the new Rainbow design with bright rainbows and cheerful raindrops. The manduca Twist is baby sling and baby carrier in one. Easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and compact enough to stow in any large bag, whether you're taking a break on the go or traveling.

manduca® Sling Day & Night

manduca® Sling RainbowDay

Welcome To The Rainbowland: the land where you're loved, protected and safe, wrapped in a manduca sling that's as soft as it is sturdy, made of radiantly bright organic cotton with cheerfully colorful rainbows and drops. With the large jersey sling, you'll carry your baby safely through the day and rock them to sleep until toddlerhood.

manduca® Sling RainbowNight

Rinding the Rainbow, lovingly protected in the large soft manduca Sling baby sling with brightly colored rainbows and dancing raindrops on midnight blue sky. Your baby can suck and chew on the pure organic cotton without worry. The 510 x 60 cm jersey cloth carries your treasure until the age of about three and a half years.

manduca® DollCarrier

manduca® Dollcarrier


My little Rainbow has its own little rainbow, and it is always and everywhere with you: the manduca DollCarrier protects the favorite cuddly toy or the doll of big siblings from 18 months. Easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and just as chic. With colorful rainbows on cloudy white sky made of soft, pollutant-free organic cotton and with many loving details.


A Rainbow in the Sky, brightly colored on a midnight blue sky. With the manduca DollCarrier, big siblings aged 18 months and older always have their favorite doll or cuddly toy with them. Easy to put on, comfortable to wear, made of soft, pollutant-free organic cotton and with many practical and loving details for doll, doll mom and doll dad.